Thursday, 6 December 2012

Feel Good Drinks//design development and ideas

For my initial starting point, I began by selecting two colours for each drink, linking with the colours of the fruit and the colours used in the original Feel Good Drinks labels.
For the mock-ups before the crit, I used photos I already had, of people making silly/happy/cheeky faces. This idea was drawn from my research into what makes people smile. The main result was other people smiling and laughing and so I wanted to use images that would instantly make the user smile through this idea.

These photos were edited in Photoshop, where I used a duotone effect using the two selected colours for each flavour so that the faces on the labels blended in with the logo on the bottle.

The next step was to focus on the individual fruity flavours, keeping each drink flavour different to the others, with it's own personality/character almost.
Having researched into the health benefits of all the different fruits, I used adjectives (e.g. refreshed, zesty...) directly linked with these health properties to create more of a health buzz around the drinks.

Having edited the photos on Photoshop and creating a subtle halftone pattern, I placed the 'Feel Good faces' on a label shape and tested out the different fonts on the different flavours to see what worked the best.

Even though these are just rough mock-ups and ideas, I'm quite happy with the overall result and think that this is a good idea to progress with and develop further.

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