Thursday, 13 December 2012

Feel Good Drinks//progress crit

I presented these artboards to the group for feedback:


1. Which fonts work best/in-keeping with the photography and style? (out of the selection)

2. Colour scheme: do the colours look good as a range? are there any dodgy ones?

3. Photography: as a starting point, do the sample photos communicate being fun and cheeky as a concept? Do the images make you smile/laugh?

4. Should I include illustrations as well? (possibly fruit flavour illustrations either placed on the side of logo or interacting with photos)

5. Does the style fit with the brand? Is it a bit too wacky?


  • Illustrations- incorporate into photography, try maybe 'splash' style
  • Typefaces- American Typewriter or Abraham Lincoln work the best (more professional, serious, about the healthy aspects, contrasts to cheeky pics) Keep fonts consistent across range
  • Photography- keep duotone colours consistent. Either black and colour or colour and shade
  • Purple Label- 'too artificial'

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