Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Not Just Fleurons//crit feedback

I was given feedback based on my re-writted brief for 'Not Just Fleurons' 


- what will your web based media be? specify.
website, apps, online e-books and magazines?

- if you want to focus on certain types of gardens, make sure it suits and applies well to target audience

- who are the people starting up their first proper garden? age range?

- female=female in general? too broad, be specific and identify their age range etc.

I later presented my concept and ideas so far to my group and received this feedback:

- really excited about the topic- shows that it's the brief for you!
- have a range of good ideas
- really clear presentation

- plant labels are a really nice idea!
- visual research makes me think you're end products could be really exciting...

- explained your brief very well
- good that you have narrowed down onto medicinal plants
- interesting visual ideas
- very clear understanding of concept

- good focus
- like the outcomes, appropriate to audience you're aiming at
- think of the people who need it- the sick- certain age to aim at maybe?

I then wrote up a new set of lists in light of my current progress with this brief, to help move forward and make a starting point.

5 Things I Don't Know About Content:

  • the most appropriate range of medicinal plants to use. what are the most effective plants? which plants are best cultivated in the UK?
  • related quotes that link gardening and lifestyle
  • different examples of medicinal plant gardens/exhibitions...
  • what information is included into plant labels/seed packaging
  • specific audience- who will utilise this concept so far, and the most effectively?
  • distribution- where is the most appropriate place to distribute resolutions?
  • how can specific medicinal plants act as a metaphor for life?

5 Ways Audience Will Come Into Contact With My Work:
  • health shops/alternative medicine shops
  • National Trust information points/centre/gift shop
  • online, through use of QR codes
  • garden centres, independent or commercial? such as homebase...
  • through other plant and gardening related websites and blogs (dependent on target audience and websites they use the most, related to gardening)
  • through homeopaths? or other 'alternative doctors'

5 Problems That Need Solving:
  • how do I maintain a strong link between celebrating the use of medicinal plants and how gardening can be seen as a metaphor for life?
  • who is my most appropriate, specific target audience?
  • what information is the most essential to display on print deliverables?
  • how do I keep the design style and typography appealing for my audience?
  • what do my target audience need/want to know most about medicinal plants? (eliminating unnecessary information to keep content engaging)

5 Reasons Why They Need Solving:
  • the brief specifies communication of these two concepts, need to ensure that this is running throughout resolution in a clear/concise way
  • still vague on my specific target audience, need to close it down so I can progress with the brief and keep it relevant
  • small scale format- need the most relevant information
  • I want my resolutions to appeal most to my target audience, aesthetically, something they would want to purchase/read/research more about
  • need to keep content relevant to both brief and target audience without drifting away on a tangent

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