Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Not Just Fleurons//crit feedback



- nice packaging research, like the organic feel
- appropriate hand-rendered typeface research, go down this route?
- great visuals, great imagery and it really links to your subject

Areas for Improvement:

- start designing first looking into type and packaging
- what format are you going to go with? have you thought of alternatives?
- will you be using photography or illustration or both?


- stock; what are you going to use?
- plantable stock?
- theme to the seeds? purely medicinal? on looks? or both? time of year? calendar?
- what products could you create? some good basics- what else?
- where would people come into contact with your products?


- branding: name and logo- what will my brand provide? outline of products and services included proposals, what I COULD do with more time

- design sheets: for logo ideas and typography quotes. try out hand-rendered style for quotes, if it doesn't look good, could try digital 'hand-rendered style' fonts instead

- decide on product range: what plants to include, how many? are there available seeds for all these plants? think about the time of year they can be planted

- content: what information to include? consider shape of wooden plant labels, something related to 'medicine'

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