Friday, 7 December 2012

Self-Initiated Work//product and packaging

My Products:
- homemade Apricot jam
- homemade chocolate chequers 

Having come across quite girly pinks and reds from my packaging research, I wanted to appeal to a more mixed gender audience and so considered my colour scheme with this in mind

I included a simple logo, to reinforce that the products were in fact homemade by me, and also to give the product range some form of branding with the possibilities of expanding on it in the future.

I went for a traditional style label shape as the basis for all the jam labels.
However, I don't want all my products to look the same, I want each to be individual so that each person receiving the gift gets a unique product and making it more special

the candy stripes and polka dots fit well with this traditional, homemade style which suits the products whilst letting my personality shine through a bit

I like the combination of hand-rendered and swirly fonts, giving the design a hand made feel without appearing too amateur

The jam's overall were quite girly, however they were to be given to a predominantly female audience which suited the designs. My chocolate box label was designed with a less feminine aesthetic, as it would be given to my Grandad...

I wanted to also included a label for lid, and decided to incorporate an illustration to reinforce that the product was Apricot jam and include additional detail to the package to make it seem more gift-like

Again, I wanted to keep each label unique so that the four jams would work as a series but also individually

These are my final stickers to be printed out cut on the vinyl cutter, ready to be applied to the product in time for Christmas

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