Monday, 20 May 2013

OUGD505//module evaluation

For the Design Practice 2 module, I felt overall that I was really able to engage with the ‘product, range and distribution’ brief due to the fact that the main subject, Polaroid photography, was a particular love and interest of mine. This gave me the opportunity to explore and experiment with different approaches to designing as well as relevant formats within an extensive product range that appeal to me on a more personal level. I gained a range of new skills within this module that I’m keen to pursue and develop over the summer and through third year. First and foremost, the prospect of making a 3D model of my Polaroid pop-up exhibition in Urban Outfitters, was slightly daunting to say the least as my 3D design experience is next to none. However, through careful and consistent planning and use of the laser-cutter and vinyl cutter to produce a neat collection of model components, I surprised myself at how enjoyable I found the process. Not only this, but it challenged my ideas for the brief in terms of thinking and designing in a format completely new to me whilst also allowing for me to experiment with interior design which is also another personal interest of mine. Furthermore, derived from the visual research and ideas surrounding Urban Outfitters branding identity and style, the use of collage and hand-rendered aesthetics gave me a chance to work in a different way to how I’m used to. I enjoyed greatly steering away from the more digital aspects of design and try out a more manual form of practice, even if it may not have been massively successful at times. I feel reassured in the fact that I’ve strayed from my comfort zone and experimented with these alternative techniques, formats and processes giving me a new found confidence to continue to do so.
Regretfully, due to the quantity and range of different briefs and modules recently, I struggled with organising my time efficiently. I found the length of time we had for the ‘product,range and distribution’ brief challenging as I seemed to lose track of maintaining a consistent work and research flow over the duration of the module. I also found it frustrating that I didn’t leave quite enough time at the end for corrections and further experimentations for my final product range, especially when I can noticeably see things I would’ve changed with the design process with more time. Consequently, if I’d spent less time thinking through and changing my idea, I could’ve expanded my final product range further as well as thinking through other proposals for an expansion of my concept and idea. It’s certainly a shame that this module overall felt slightly rushed through for me, especially as the briefs enabled me to really explore my preferred visual styles as well as working with two of my favourite brands, Urban Outfitters and Polaroid. It is apparent that time management is still somewhat of an issue for me and I need to find a way of juggling several different briefs in one go without over-stressing or over-complicating things. Writing lists and plans on a regular basis helps to keep me organised and on top of work, but I need to focus on getting started on the briefs as we get set them instead of waiting for the pressure of an approaching deadline to catalyse the process. I also think that having explored a more handmade and less digital approach to the Polaroid brief and the exhibition poster, I have the new found confidence to push myself further in the future in terms of thinking more conceptually and using new techniques, processes and formats to inform my design ideas.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shopping Bag//design development

For the shopping bag design, I laid out on an A3 artboard, lines where the folds would go when making the actual brown paper bag. 

This then could give me an accurate idea of where the design would need to be placed in order for it go in the right section

I eventually decided on this image for the bag design, keeping it fairly minimal along the same lines as Reed's bag designs. Also, including both Polaroid and Urban Outfitters to show the collaboration almost between the two and that they link together.

My final paper bag was produced as a mini mock-up to show how they would look in the shop. They are to be used exclusively in the Leeds and London Oxford St store during the exhibition for photography purchases in store.

Website//design development


The website is to be featured on all the promo material and will be an extension off the Urban Outfitters official site. It will give users a chance to find out details about the exhibition and also see their own Polaroids taken in store, up on the online gallery.

For the homepage, I used the same visuals used in the exhibition entrance as a way of containing the navigation so that it would have a functional purpose as well as maintaining visual consistency with the exhibition interior.

I spent a while testing out different fonts and layouts (used previously in the other product designs) until the composition was clearer for the user, deciding on minimal use of fonts for ease of usability.

the buttons have been integrated into the key visual aspect of the homepage, also giving each page a colour code which could be incorporated into the designs

To give the user more of a hint about what each page will contain, I layered relevant photos/images underneath each of the four diamonds used for buttons

the blog page will lead directly to the Urban Outfitters blog section about the 
Polaroid exhibition

This is homepage layout I decided on, keeping the colour scheme black and white with the inclusion of the colours in the Polaroid logo to link with the exhibition design, using News Gothic light as the predominant typeface throughout to emphasise that the website is for Polaroid and separate to Urban Outfitters

For the about page, I wanted to include more detailed information about the nature of the exhibition and when/where it will take place

keeping the diamond icon recurring throughout each different page

for the gallery page, this will be the section where people can find Polaroids of themselves and their friends, taken in the shop, with two separate links directing off the main gallery page, depending on whether the user wants to view the photos from the Leeds or the London exhibition.

How the final website design would appear across a range of different products.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Promotional Poster//design development

I ended up deciding on using this idea to be used as a vinyl poster in the Urban Outfitters shop window.

There needed to be two versions designed for the two different exhibitions, Leeds and London

mock-ups of how they would appear in the shop windows