Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Design for Web//website development

After having designed a series of scamps, selecting a final one after a progress crit and drawing up a wire frame for it, I was able to begin the coding of the website in Dreamweaver.
I started off designing the buttons to go on the homepage, using the green boxes as rollover buttons to incorporate one of the main colours used in the Chemtrails designs, and highlight clearly, the featured button, allowing for easy usability.

I coded in the essential features of the index page, using the same images and gradient overlay that I used previously in the 'History Of...' booklets and placed the logo image at the top, (a consistent feature for all my web pages on this site) leaving a container for my homepage buttons.

This is how the buttons looked on the index page when all the coding was put in place.
The bright, toxic green colour here I think was a good choice, and definitely stands out against the background.

I think the simplicity of this homepage fits in well for the content. It creates quite a striking first impression for the user, almost as if the user has stumbled upon a virus, which is the effect I wanted to achieve due to the nature of the subject 'Chemtrails' 

Once the index page was sorted out, I progressed onto designing a template for the remaining five pages of the website. The logo would be the main consistent aspect of each page and will be a button to take the user back to the homepage for easy navigation. I left the background images editable so that I could easily adjust the coding for each page.

Each page also contains its own page heading in the same form as the homepage buttons, clearly labelling which page the user is on.

This is roughly how each page would look (minus the content) in this layout, with homepage button, unique chemtrail background image and main heading. Once I got to this stage, I could fairly quickly code the bare bones of all five pages through using the template.

This is how the forum page looked once all the coding was put in place for it, complete with content- comments from members of the public regarding the conspiracy theory

For all the web pages, the page content went into a single grey box, not overloading each page with too much information and maintaining the simplicity of the composition overall.

For the gallery page, I used Lightbox to create my Chemtrails image gallery, using photos other people had uploaded online, all around the world, creating a constant feed and opportunity for users of the site to upload their own to be featured.

I predominantly used courier, throughout the website, acting as the typeface for all the page content, in white, to stand out against the grey boxes

I had quite a lot of content and information for the FAQs page but decided on cutting it down to the key questions. From looking at other chemtrails orientated websites, there is a great deal of information overload and unaesthetic, quite stressful layouts.
So, for this design, I wanted to keep navigation and design simplistic, distinctive and only containing key information surrounding all the different angles on the chemtrails conspiracy theory.

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