Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Feel Good Drinks//design development and ideas

For the progress crit, I wanted feedback on how I can develop my idea of the 'feel good faces' further and so tested out some different mock ups and ideas to see what my crit group thought looked best. 

From the previous crit feedback, I'd been told that I needed to keep all my photos consistent in terms of the colours used in the duotone (mainly with the cloudy lemon label as the photograph included black where the others didn't). So primarily, I altered this first...



I played around with images of fruit, trying to incorporate them somehow into the design and testing and trying out different ideas.
My first idea was somehow incorporating the fruit into the faces and making the overall image even more comical, but wasn't quite so happy with the results as it looked a bit out of place compositionally.

I tried out creating the same Photoshop effects on photos of fruit (according to the flavour) and used the feel good face blown up and faded in the background, to create more of an impact on the facial expressions in the photos and more of a focus on the fruit and health aspects of the drink.

I reversed this idea and tried it the other way round which I also thought worked quite well, leaving the fruit images roughly cut out deliberately to keep with the style of the rest of the photography.

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