Friday, 11 January 2013

Hellfire//design development

 label design development:

For the colour scheme, I wanted to stray from the typical black and red you would expect when relating it to the word 'hellfire'. Inspired by the design style of the Odell Brewing labels, who use quite muted, dingy colours to communicate a darker aspect to the designs, I decided on dark purple and orange 
(to represent the fiery aspect of the product) 

I played around with colouring the hops in, which would be mine main focus of the label design, to see which contrast worked out best

The brief stated that the design should remain quite contemporary, to reflect the nature of the Creative Networks events. Having been inspired by the more traditional style of beer labels and seeing that Leeds Brewery also lean towards this style with their own products, I decided on modernising this aesthetic whilst communicating an evil and ominous presence

I noticed how with the more traditional designs styles, borders, patterns, banners and a generally busy composition appear to be recurring aspects of this aesthetic. I kept this in mind when designing my own label, keeping a focus on detail as opposed to simplifying

I experimented with flame-like patterns for the background to give the label additional detail and texture, experimenting with the colour scheme, however the pattern for me, didn't suit the design.

I played around with an alternative background pattern which I laid out on the bottom of the label in order to represent the flames from hell aspect

Again, inspired by the style of the Odell Brewing label designs, particularly the typography, I created my own hand-drawn title and border, allowing for the placement of the letterforms to fit around the shapes on my design

Already, with the inclusion of my hand-rendered typography, the label gives off a more contemporary style

I included the rest of the key information specified in the brief, keeping to the same style of typography

bottle cap experiments
I think the pentagram symbol is the most effective and contrasts well against the orange background, also reinforcing the aspects of the occult and hell, relating to the name

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