Sunday, 13 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//design development

As part of my extended product range, I've included gardening tools. I started designing Herbal Remedy branded labels to be attached to each product. I kept the colour scheme as neutral brown, earthy tones, which would be the colours used for all the tools and gardening accessories within the range. I want this to differentiate with the seed and plant products as they are a separate range.

For the stock, I will be using similar brown textured stock, possibly sugar paper, to the envelope stock for the seeds. With the garden quotes and logo aspects of the label, these will be printed as stickers to layer on top of the thick brown stock.

Similarly to the seed packaging, the names of the products will be laser cut, with the main colour showing through behind it. I want to ensure that the style remains consistent across all the products.

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