Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//design development

I found that trying out different logo designs from the selection, against the label designs helped me to see which logo looked the most fitting with the style of the packaging.

The photographic element of the label is sepia to blend in with the earthy tones of the stock and create a contrast from the other half of the design as well providing some information for the user on what each seed will grow into.

this is a quick mock up of how the overall packet will look- I needed to see all the elements together to ensure that the style stays consistent 

The placement of the logo here works the best, and so everything will be aligned centrally to maintain this consistency. I like the overall balance of all the components on the label design and the colour alterations of the logo detail in 'herbal' according to which packet the logo is used on, maintains the consistency of the branding.

These are the finished designs for the covers of the information booklets to go 
inside the packets

the products altogether, the complete package with the booklets inside showing colour through the laser cut envelope, with the plant labels alongside them
(these will be packaged inside the enveloped for distribution)

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