Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//final products:PRINT

I assembled my final products, and photographed each of the ten seed packets along with their plant label, which will be included inside the envelope along with the booklet

the full product range altogether
each colour gives each plant its own identity and creates the aspect of collectibles, encouraging the user to pursue the progress on their medicinal gardens at home

this is how they look altogether from the back, where the image of the plants are featured as well as the herbal remedy website to direct them to further information about medicinal herbs

I removed the information booklets from the inside of the seed packets and photographed each one with its envelope
these quotes have been featured on the front to encourage the user to hold onto the booklet and reflect on the quote showing how gardening is beneficial and plays a significant role in our lives

these are five of the information booklets photographed altogether to show them altogether
they have been loosely bound with thread to contain the information pages inside 
I was originally going to staple the booklets together but decided that thread would look more natural and fit in with the style

the other five products from the range

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results, the satin stock works well, will stand out in a shop environment and contrasts against the sugar paper used for the envelopes and information pages 
Collectively, the colours all complement each other across the range and each plant stands out with its own personality and character
I think that laser cutting the envelopes with the names of each plant adds an aesthetic, additional detail when the colour from the booklets show through from the inside which turned out well onces finally printed out and assembled.

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