Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//herbal tea packaging development

As part of my extended product range for Herbal Remedy, I started designing the packaging for a potential medicinal herbal tea range. This could be part of my proposal, alongside other medicinal herbs products such as essential oils and herbal remedies.

I wanted to have a different colour for each medicinal herb used for each product, so that each plant has its own identity through colour (as well as the typography cards). For the herbal tea packaging, I used the colour picker to select each predominant colour for the designs, to take a specific swatch from the plant used.

Lemon and Ginger


Green Tea with Cranberry

this is how the colours look all put together

I then added the relevant photo, which I edited to fit in with the rest of the photography used in the packaging, to complete the design of the proposed herbal teas.

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