Saturday, 12 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//laser cutting experimentation

I wanted to try out different versions of the soil labels on the laser cutter to get a feel for how they would eventually look like, how they would work alongside the existing products and to see which combination of materials and type give off the best results.

I started off using 3mm MDF, engraved and cut-out to try a few different variations out

I used some scrap 3mm Plywood, to see what results I would get with a different material to MDF, but this proved to not as well. The wood didn't cut out properly and had to be ripped out of the original piece of wood, and where the cutter had cut all the way through the wood for the labels (sage), it just ended up looking like a big black burnt hole. So at least I know now that I won't be using plywood for my final soil labels.

Coincidentally, I have my own little aloe vera plant in my room at home. So I decided to take some photos of one of the soil labels in context, as it would be seen with the plant.

I printed off some mock-ups of the (un-laser cut) seed packets with the quote card inserts as well, in order to view the products altogether.

I'm quite happy with how the products look as a set, and I think the stock of the seed envelopes work well to match the MDF soil labels. However, I need to make a decision on which style to do the typography (engraved or not). The cut-out lettering would match the style more of the seed packets, which will also be doing the same thing, so it makes sense to go ahead with that for all the labels.

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