Friday, 18 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//mock-ups

Laser-cut envelope nets:

For my second laser cutting session, I tried out all ten of the nets using three different types of stock to see which one worked the best

light brown sugar paper:

brown sugar paper:

brown paper:

Overall, out of the all the different stock that I tried out, the light brown sugar paper (shown, middle) worked out the best in terms of the colour, coordinating with the style and colours of the rest of the designs and being the closest colour to match the wooden plant labels. This is the stock I will use for the final range of seed envelopes. 

this is the seed envelope with the instruction booklet 
showing through from the inside 

instruction booklet front:

seed instruction booklets/quote cards range (x10)

inside the booklet:

introduction to the herb page

medicinal properties and uses pages:

sowing instructions page:

final mocked-up and packaged seed packet front:


label series for the medicinal herb seed range, printed:

second attempt at laser cutting soil labels.
I decided to go for a more traditional style/shape soil label to 
compare with the previous set



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