Sunday, 13 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//product research

After the feedback I received from the last progress crit, it was made clear that I needed to visit shops where I could see how my product would be distributed as well as also what other products are doing on the shelves in terms of point of sale as well as design style and content. 

These products below sell the seeds within a plant pot of compost, a potential product idea that could be featured in my range in order to expand it. I photographed the products in context on the shelf and the details on the label design of the pot to gain a better idea of what I'd need to include in my own designs as well as the point of sale aspects of it.

This range of gardening tools were also featured in the gardening aisle along with the seeds and cold also be added to the extended product range for Herbal Remedy, or at least proposed anyway. It was useful to see what kind of packaging had been used for the various different tools and gardening accessories to get a better idea of what is the most functional when displayed within a shop.

The way the seeds were displayed made it incredibly difficult to pin point which one you wanted and there was minimal differentiation between the different packets. There was such a big range of different seeds and different product lines within that, I found it fairly overwhelming trying to find anything I recognised or needed in relation to this product. Even though this is more of a low-end range, I think in terms of my designs so far, it has confirmed for me that using a different, bold colour for each plant and a clear, uncluttered label design, will help users locate the seeds they want easily and will create a more aesthetic and desirable collection of packaging when all the 
products are put together.

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