Thursday, 10 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//progress crit


1) What do I want feedback on?

  • Is the branding and style across the product range consisten? How can the consistency be improved?
  • Does the logo fit with the style of the products?
  • Is the typography legible/easily readable?
  • Colour scheme- too many colours? Should they be more earthy tones or bright to contrast against the neutral stock?

2) What do I need to bring in for the crit?

  • Design sheets and brainstorms
  • Presentation boards
  • Print outs of design work so far
  • Body of research
  • Proposal specifications
  • Mock-ups
  • Stock samples
  • Re-written brief
  • Feedback questions
  • Blog stuff
  • Previous crit feedback
  • Development and ideas


Overall I felt quite pressured during the crit to get across everything I wanted to in four minutes and could've maybe been a bit more organised in terms of printing more out in preparation. 
However I did manage to get some useful feedback which I can definitely take on board-

  • Point of Sale- focus more on the distribution of the products and how they will appear in context
  • Research- visit garden centres, and shops where product would be distributed
  • Mock-ups- use photoshop or illustrator to create mock-ups of product as it would be seen
  • Experimentation- try out product range in neutral tones and see which colours scheme works best. use colour swatches


  • Draw out x3 scamps for Herbal Remedy website
  • Mock-up website
  • Develop product range- design and propose additional medicinal garden products
  • Visit garden centres and shops for distributing products as well as mock up how product would be viewed online
  • Photograph product testers and mock-ups and blog and reflect
  • Design sheets
  • Make decisions on material and typography style for laser cut soil labels
  • Laser cut experimentation for seed packets- try out different stocks

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