Monday, 21 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//web digital mock up development

I started off making a digital mock-up of the homepage for one my preferred scamps (scamp two) 

I wanted to try and include a significant, obvious aspect of the branded products, aside from the logo and colour scheme, into the website, so I used the plant labels as the buttons to navigate around the site

I included soil and grass, roughly cropped in a playful manner, to contextualise the soil label buttons

Once the general homepage layout had been put together, I became unsure whether I'd picked the best and most appropriate scamp design.

I decided to try out a digital mock-up of scamp one, using the tiled layout and a more classic style of gardening website to compare against the first one

I tried different garden stock photos as a sample image to feature on the 
homepage website.
For the proposed design of this website I would take my own photo of a medicinal garden, to encourage the users to pursue their hobby by seeing what they can eventually achieve with their own garden.

I included some of the more striking colours that went well together, from the colour scheme to feature into smaller aspects of the design, leaving the majority white to allow for the content to shine through.

Included a mock-up of how a branded label would look on a watering can (to be sold in the proposed extended product range) to feature in one of the shop icons 'Gardening tools and medicinal products'

And also featured a 'News and Events' button which would showcase and promote various different garden related events going on, such as events in Kew Gardens, National Trust events etc.

These are the digital homepage mock-ups of two out of the three scamps, as they would appear on iMac screens

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