Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Not Just Fleurons//website pages design development

I eventually decided to fully mock-up scamp 2 as my final website design.

I made some adjustments to the homepage- the blue sky background was too garish and didn't fit in with the sepia photography used for the packaging, so I altered the sky to fit in with the style more, reducing the opacity and layering it over the rest of the image to blend all the components together.

This is the development of the Medicinal Herb Profiles page, showing a button for each of the ten featured medicinal herbs.
I have continued using the wooden soil labels to act as a reminder for the user as to which page they are viewing

page with reduced opacity sky background

For each plant profile, the layout includes an enlarged photo of the plant, more detailed sowing and care instructions as well a more informative insight into its medicinal uses. With this and the addition of the latin name, it adds a more educational aspect to the website, teaching and informing the user more about gardening and medicinal herbs.

Another addition to the website is the shop page, which will be quite a significant feature of the site, allowing users to purchase the full range of herbal remedy products

The three categories used for the shop were included to divide up the products appropriately and reduce the amount of scrolling through the page for the user

I included my own mock-ups and photos to feature on the shop page

From the shop page, the user can navigate more specifically to shopping for medicinal seeds, and this is how the page developed...

I took my own product photos of each seed packet with the info booklet packaged inside and its own soil label, to feature as the images on the shop page

this will be featured in the corner of all the shop pages on the website, and will navigate to the payment page


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