Monday, 14 January 2013

Print Manual//front cover experiments:embossing


I wanted to put together a mock-up for my print manual, seeing as it would be too complicated to bind due to its format, I though I'd try producing a sample of how it would look printed. For the front cover, I wanted just a simple title, produced using either embossing or foiling (see which one works out best) to add an extra quality to the overall publication.

I started off by soaking the black paper for the cover

then using blotting paper to dry off any excess water, but leaving the paper still damp to allow for malleability

I used wooden, laser-cut letters which were placed under a clamp, sandwiched together with newsprint

The first attempt didn't work at all, but that was due to me not tightening the clamp enough. The second result looked something like this:

Even though it was fun to try out a new process, I decided against the embossing for the front cover. The stock I want to use for the front cover doesn't emboss too well, where the paper has creased around the text, and in future, I would need to use stock from the screen print rooms or more handmade stock.

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