Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Print Manual//print mock-up

After having made the necessary adjustments and corrections to my print manual in response to my feedback from the final crit, I decided to move onto printing it out and experimenting with how the manual would be printing due to the fairly complicated format.

Initial Mock-up

Printed Rough Mock-up

Having spoken to the Mac suite tutors about the best way to print out my manual, it came to my attention that if I printed onto standard print stock, then the folding of the pages would mean that the pages would need to chopped and cropped accordingly. This made things are lot more complicated and would require either:
- a certain type of binding (such as binding the book in sections then attaching it to the front cover) 
- resizing the pages in accordance to how they are folded
- using the original idea of printing onto newsprint or trace so that the gsm is thinner and doesn't affect the layered format when folded

I decided to print out a rough black and white mock-up just to see how the manual would look anyway, and here are the results:

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