Thursday, 14 February 2013

Collaborative Brief//Emily and Lisa

During the latest responsive workshop, we discussed our creative partner forms with each other to produce our own contract:

We then listed our shared interests and differences within our partnership to see the overall balance of how we would work together.

Common Interests with Lisa:

1. interest and love of photography
2. keenness to explore design resolutions 'away from the computer' and to something different/new
3. contemporary style and fashion trends amongst our generation
4. love of Dazed and Confused magazine
5. to utilise the photography resources in college more
6. test out new processes such as developing film, booking out studios for photo shoots and scouting suitable models and locations
7. improve on progressing photo editing skills
8. contemporary, colourful design style
9. editorial design
10. photography journals, photo shoot locations and primary/secondary research

Differences with Lisa:

1. different ideas concerning what we would consider an 'iconic' image of our generation
2. design skill set in terms of software
3. interests within contemporary culture, in terms of how it would be portrayed, what's important and what's not
4. photography skill level
5. knowledge when using different cameras and software

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