Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Collaborative Dazed and Confused//action plan


what (do you need to do): brainstorm different ideas and themes that relate to our subject, and categorising them to ensure we are as specific as possible
who (is responsible for doing it): Emily and Lisa
when (does it need to be done by): 27th Feb

what: create a shared Pinterest board of visual inspiration 
who: Emily and Lisa
when: 27th Feb

what: secondary research into specific photographers who investigate into photo journals and/or focus on capturing youth culture as a subject
who: Lisa
when: 27th Feb

what: relevant publication and editorial visual research and investigation
who: Emily
when: 27th Feb 

what: x4 research presentation boards for concept crit
board 1- brief, rationale and ideas, background info (dazed and confused), examples of previous entries
board 2- visual research (taken from pinterest board)
board 3- photographers and photo journals (relating to our subject)
board 4- editorial and publication research
who: Emily (boards 1+4) and Lisa (boards 2+3)
when: 28th Feb 

what: online survey to collect primary research concerning what aspects of youth culture today are iconic and memorable
who: Emily
when: 28th Feb

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