Monday, 11 February 2013

Feel Good Drinks//design development

Having received enough critical feedback from previous crits, I feel I am now at the stage where I can finalise the label designs in preparation for the competition submission. 

The first few things I needed to do, was to make decisions on the typefaces used, and the layout of the images on the label. 

The layout with the enlarged, faded out 'feel good face' received the best feedback from the last crit and so I kept all the labels consistent to this idea, using halftone fruit images of the relevant flavour for each different drink from the range.  

In terms of the typeface, Abraham Lincoln had been the most well received, and creates a contrast against the silliness of the photography used. The fact that it's a serif font also gives the drinks a bit more seriousness and suggests that the product itself stands more in the high-end spectrum. 

I maintained the colour scheme throughout each label, using one main colour (taken from the original labels) and a shade or tint of that to give each individual bottle label it's own identity through that one original colour. This also enabled me to create more of a hierarchy with the text included on the label.

The next step was to design and layout the relevant information that I wanted to be featured on the label also. I went back to the brief, and looked at the current label designs where the information is included to see what sort of thing I wanted to include. 

The brief specifically stated the importance of communicating how the drinks are 'healthy' and so including the '1 of your 5 a day' etc. was an important aspect to highlight within my own designs.

I used helvetica for the main body text and maintained Abraham Lincoln for the more important, key information to create a hierarchy.

 The less important information regarding the ingredients would still need to be included, to show in the competition submission how the design would look overall with all the information featured. 

I placed this information over a reduced opacity coloured box so that the text wouldn't be drowned out by the background image and was pleased with the overall composition of text and image.

Here's how the final labels looked when completed, across the range of drinks:

orange and mango

apple and blueberry

cloudy lemon

cranberry and pomegranate

orange and passion fruit

cranberry and lime

For the submission, I wanted to show the labels in context, as to how they would appear when on the drinks bottle. This is a rough mock-up of how it would look:

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