Monday, 18 February 2013

Product, Range and Distribution//Polaroid Photography

During a studio workshop, we compiled lists to help us progress into the next stage of the new brief, which for me, will be surrounding the subject of Polaroid photography. These lists were written in light of our work and research so far on the subject and where we needed to go from there.

Areas to specify within chosen subject:

1. Different effects/techniques that can be used with Polaroid film to produce different results
2. The Impossible Project (and other existing projects, campaigns etc.) What is it? How has is helped encourage Polaroid users?
3. General useful, interesting facts and statistics about Polaroid
4. How it works; film, development and camera...
5. Style of photography and how it is stylised; Who uses Polaroid? Where can they be seen on display/in use?

5 Skills I want to improve on as a designer:

1. Photoshop
2. Photography skills, using different cameras, using a studio and experimenting with more hands-on techniques
3. Keeping on top of the brief; being ahead of myself and being completely prepared for all crits
4. Primary research; going out, visits, first-hand information and experiences out and about
5. Producing effecting design without relying heavily on computers (less digital)

How will I improve:

1. Ask for help from tutors more, use Lynda for online software tutorials, practise using Photoshop more and ask for help from my peers
2. Giving myself the opportunity in the brief to experiment using different cameras and styles of photography
3. Writing lists, keeping track of the week ahead on the timetable and preparing
4. Learning new techniques, utilising the resources at college more
5. Research into what's on in Leeds and make plans into the weekend

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