Thursday, 21 February 2013

Type Workshop//notes

The Rule of Thirds

the concept of the golden ratio can be simplified

a section of the thirds can be split again into thirds to help with proportion
especially with more complex design

people scanning a page are more likely to notice things placed near the focal points and the division is comfortable to view (as your eye naturally reads the page)

Canons & Grids

- Van De Graaf

a gridded page is much like scaffolding for a building, the elements can be organised and structures, and it helps the continuity of information

the Van De Graaf canon is a historical reconstruction of a method that may have been used in book design to divide a page in pleasing proportions

the extra space on the edges of the page and the bottom are used for where our hands go when reading through a publication, ensuring that no content is covered up- this is what makes the canon so effective and useful

Making My Own Grid:
using InDesign, I set up my own Van De Graaf canon on a double page spread, and then used the rulers to divide up the page evenly and accurately


according to empirical rule, there should be 7 words per line for a text of any length
using columns makes this rule easier to apply

the point size of the leading changes according to the point size of the body copy

e.g. 15pt body / 17pt leading

the key is ease of reading for the user
text must not impair the rhythm of reading and this does not apply to titles and subtitles

Creating my own DPS:

I started off using the Van de Graaf canon as a basic layout and guideline for the double page spread

I layered over another grid on top to mix up the layout a bit and create a more interesting design composition between image and text

The Van de Graaf canon allowed me to place my image and header neatly and allowing plenty of white space for the content to be legible and readable for the user

I placed body text into columns from the second grid I placed over the canon, to create a contrast and distinction between the body and the headline/title

The final completed double page spread.
I included solid black lines to divide the text up a bit and make it clear for the user where the text started and finished whilst using separate, diamond dividers to line the headline and the image together.

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