Thursday, 28 February 2013

Type Workshop//notes

Construction of Grids

before making a grid, you need to know what you're making it for
looking at columns; one column gives you little freedom, two columns for type section and image section and these can be sub-divided where needed

columns grid can be used for displaying statistics, used for a leaflet format, newspapers and general information
however, lines of text will be narrow and would need to use a small typeface

for stats, figures, graphs and trend line publications: use 4 columns per page

(these four columns can be divided into 8...16 etc.)

always make a variety of thumbnails
enlarge a small selection of appropriate thumbnails by 1:1
compare them, generate ideas and progress

10pt type and 15pt leading
columns length 15cm
loosely means use 15pt leading
(there must be 10 lines within that field)

by drawing lines where the ascenders and descenders meet, it is straightforward to find out what point size to use when using different sized text in one document, ensuring that the lines of text flow and match proportionally with the other text used

make a concertina fold/document min 5 panels, max 16 panels
content can include current work/subject/themes
use a mixture of different grids for different reasons
be dynamic

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