Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Whta's Good//studio workshop lists


x5 words that sum up your good:

- instantaneous
- analogue
- observational
- niche 
- retro

x5 words that sum up your target audience:

- nostalgic
- creative
- experimental
- photographer
- individualist

x5 words that sum up the tone of voice:

- instructional
- controversial
- reminiscent
- esoteric 
- informative

x5 products that you want to/could create:

- camera packaging
- film packaging
- instructional/informative Polaroid publication
- way-finding design and promotional material for  a gallery, showcase or exhibition of Polaroid photography
- branding guidelines for a new range of Polaroid products

x5 processes I am interested in using:

- spot varnish
- coptic stitch binding
- foil blocking
- die-cutting
- perforated packaging

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