Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dazed and Confused//#basement set-up

For the photo shoot, I had two GoPro cameras in addition to my own SLR.
I set up one of the GoPros in the ceiling of the basement right at the beginning of the set-up on the day, adjusting the settings so that it took a photo every 10 seconds, resulting in a time-lapse at the end.
It also produced a fish-eye type view of the space and how it developed as people arrived and helped out

We experimented with different kinds of lighting for the shoot, to add to the variety of photographs taken on the night.

In terms of our lighting equipment, we had a plain lightbulb, a red lightbulb, various spotlights (to highlight aspects of the typography) and LED wire in blue and yellow
Although we had also rented out professional lighting from Photography at college, we were advised against using it by the photography student we collaborated with, Sam Hutchinson who commented that the lighting we already had, would produce some interesting photos anyway, and photography lighting wouldn't create the same effect especially for the style of shoot that we're doing

we had also invited/asked for a couple of DJ's (Tom Falk and Ed Nelson) to contribute to the music aspect of the evening, as if we were to recreate a party scene, having a DJ is key and will also get everyone in the room to dance and act as if they were at a 
house party

suspending the 'basement' letters across the facing wall

adding to the lighting, using fairy lights as well to create different styles, colours and ideas around the room for varied photography

As Lisa and I weren't quite up to scratch with our photography skills, we thought it would be best to involve a photography student for the photo shoot to contribute to the photos taken on the night and help set up lighting etc. giving us tips and advice on our camera settings and the style of photography we want to go for. Sam was particularly perfect for this as he's used to taking photos at parties and night's out using low-level lighting and lots of movement, something Lisa and I aren't used to

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