Monday, 18 March 2013

Dazed and Confused//prepping the basement

For the final photo shoot, we want to incorporate aspects and trends found within youth culture into the basement, and use the space almost as an installation. Where people inside can interact with the decorative aspects of the basement whilst creating a dynamic environment to photograph in and add to the content of the image...


I photographed each aspect of the set-up and preparation of the basement space for the photo shoot, to see how it builds up and develops.

before we spray painted anything onto the walls of the main room, we tested out our stencils and spray paints first

Lisa experimented with the invitation stencils, which consist of contemporary symbols popular within today's youth culture

I tested out the animal print stencils from the laser-cutter with the different spray paint colours to see how effective the overall result would be

overall, the patterns created a really interesting effect, especially when blended in and overlapped with different colours and patterns

testing out a giant letter T to see how the typography will work in the main room...
we used letterforms cut out of sticky back plastic on the laser-cutter to create this effect

these are the two rooms in the basement that we will be using for the photography
the exposed concrete, low beams, random cables/wires and rough textures creates a gritty, underground environment that will create the perfect atmosphere for the kind of party photography we want to capture

having tested out the colours and getting used to using spray paints (which Lisa and I are very unfamiliar with) we progressed onto making headway with the main space and getting it all set-up

we laid out the clear stick-backed letters spelling out the word 'taste' as we wanted to reflect the idea that everyone chooses to express themselves in different ways and so different stereotypes and sub-cultures exist, creating a range of trends within youth culture

with the clear sticky letters laid out on the wall, we spray painted bits of the animal print patterns around the edges of the letterforms and built it up across the main wall 

once the letters were taken off, after the spray painting had been done

we tested out with a spot light, how lighting could potentially work surrounding this aspect of the typography, and found that having used metallic spray paint around the letters, the spotlight highlighted the silver creating contrast against the colours and clearly showing the fashion trends (monochrome and animal print) found today

our leftover, plastic letters...

we extended some of the patterns across to the floor and in little corner patches around the rest of the room for consistency

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