Monday, 18 March 2013

Dazed and Confused//prepping the basement

 once the majority of the spray painting had been done, we started hanging the typography and laser-cut letters around the room in different areas in order to take a range of photos within the space incorporating all these different aspects to feature in the photography

the giant hash-tag has been included to reflect the hash-tag culture that exists today through Twitter trends and now Facebook

alongside the 'taste' word and the hash-tag, we included the word 'basement' as that's the title of the event for the photoshoot, using laser-cut words out of different fonts inspired by the typography found in Topshop and Urban Outfitters at the moment

the word 'taste' wasn't legible enough, as the silver especially, blended in too well with the tones of the basement wall surface
to rectify this, we went back to the laser-cutter to cut out the words again in mount board, which we sprayed in the turquoise to be suspended just in front of the original painted letters, creating a nice drop-shadow and a contrast against the monochrome

as this event for the photo shoot was quite a big task, it gave us the opportunity to work and collaborate with other people to give the space a less biased viewpoint (Lisa and I) and create a more dynamic space of ideas regarding youth culture

Mitchell Price was included in the graffiti aspect of the space and we set aside another room, before the main room, to create his own artwork within the space relating to his own personal views on youth culture

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