Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dazed and Confused//primary research and ideas

Having formulated a plan, and a rough idea of how our final shoot will be set-up and the approach we're going to take on this brief, Lisa and I collected research, ideas and photos to help generate ideas for stylising the basement space, the costume/make-up and potential way-finding and typography that could also be included.

In terms of interior, and aware that we are working with a bare, dilapidated and concrete urban space and we can work with this to our advantage. The low hanging lighting we saw in Costa worked well with this kind of style, with the use of the exposed wires and excessive metal which created a sort of industrial, contemporary feel. 

Interior & Way-Finding

Urban Outfitters: 
A perfect example of popular contemporary fashion amongst the youth of today, marketed at a range of different styles such as vintage, bohemian, retro and hipster and targeted at a range of ages between 18 and 30. The space itself is also quite similar in style to the basement where we will initiate the photo shoot, through the bare concrete surfaces and industrial aesthetics.

In terms of fashion and youth culture, Urban Outfitters is always one step ahead of the trends and fashions, almost setting their own trends. This contemporary style is reflected strongly through a carefully thought through and designed interior, complete with 3D typography and interesting use of way finding design. I went round the shop photographing and documenting all the different details and aspects of design that gives the shop a feel of a 'differential shopping experience'. The site states that "the emphasis is on creativity. Our goal is to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy." 

quirky illustrations featured on the bare, exposed concrete aspects of the shop

laser-cut wooden way-finding design, used for directing customers to the different areas and collections within the shop

mash-up of styles, colours and fonts, however it fits with the Urban Outfitters style and how they sell a range of different contemporary styles of clothing for different 
types of people

The overall, industrial feel and style of the place created a modern, urban and contrasting aesthetic. The use of scaffolding and exposed concrete shapes in the ceiling is reflective of the underground, warehouse, party culture that exists today whilst exhibiting the fashion and trends within this environment. Something which Lisa and I want to communicate also whilst showing how strongly music influences all of 
this as well.

Changing room: designed by artist, Sophia Primrose

This style of way-finding is simply designed, effective and easy to navigate, making a nice change to most of the way-finding found in retail these days. I think incorporating an aspect of way-finding design into our 'event', navigating people around the party or making statements would be an interesting route to go down and could give us a chance to include contemporary graphic design styles within the photography.

Fashion & Trends

Topshop: always at the forefront of contemporary, youth fashion, displaying clothes in a range of styles and trends which influences todays British fashion heavily.

I went in and slyly took photos of trending styles, colours, patterns and clothes that can be seen in the fashion of the youth of today, hoping to gather some inspiration and ideas for when stylising our photo shoot




'COMIC GIRL' range

'SAFARI' collection

'MONOCHROME' collection

'DEBUTANTE' collection

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