Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dazed and Confused//publication development

As the brief only asked for one single photograph to be submitted, Lisa and I wanted to include a publication as part of the image, treating it as a supplement for Dazed and Confused that would document the whole process we undertook in order to reach our final conclusion. Seeing as so much work and effort went into all aspects of this brief, and we took it so many stages further than what the brief was asking, it seemed only right to showcase this in a way that also relates back to the graphic design angle.

In terms of dividing up the responsibilities, Lisa took the majority of the photos on the #basement night, as photography is more her strong point than mine, and so she was in charge of editing and re-sizing the images for the publication.
On the #basement night, I was more responsible for the GoPro photos and footage that was taken and so I'll be designing and laying out the publication and focussing more on the editorial design side of things.

In terms of structuring the publication, it made the most logical sense to divide it into two sections; 
#1- the experimentation aspect of the brief, the test shoots and the ideas
#2- all things basement, the final shoot, the set-up of the space etc.

incorporating the hash-tag as a key feature of the overall design

the main colours used throughout this publication were taken from our spray paints used (white, turquoise and pinky/red) and the fonts used were inspired by recent publications showcasing contemporary trends alongside Helvetica which was used within the promo material and typography for #basement

with the pink/red colour highlighting phase 1 and turquoise for phase 2

A key page to include at the beginning of the publication is the contributors page, including information on the roles of each person and who contributed to the process and who we collaborated with

throughout the experimentation part of the supplement, I included double page spreads featuring current trends through fashion and music and all the aspects that inspired us along the way and led up to the photography we did

whilst I was designing the publication, I experimented with different layouts and colours and sent them back to Lisa for feedback and opinions, making sure that the publication worked for both of us

the following pages from that included a series of our favourite and most successful photos from the test shoots, writing about what went wrong and went well, explaining almost in blog form each step of the journey

what was important for me, was to ensure that the content wan't too crowded on the page and I varied the sizes and shapes of each image depending on their relevance and keeping the styles consistent per dps

for the basement aspect of the photography, I included the set-up and preparation before showcasing any of the photography from the night

I used images in polaroid form, including notes on all the different aspects of the set-up
the polaroid images were put together by Lisa who used an app, popular amongst youth to create this effect, keeping the form contemporary just like the content

I wanted to include some aspect of the patterns used on the wall surfaces of the basement, and found that this worked well with reduced opacity as a background

following from this, I included a dps for the set-up from the GoPro cameras, selecting key images that showcase all the changes in lighting, equipment, set-up and people, using a layout inspired by the Topshop supplement I picked up

however, I found that the original colours for these photos didn't fit with the colour scheme and style in the rest of the publication and so I changed the images to black and white which definitely works better

for the remainder of the publication, Lisa and I had decided on showcasing the best out of the selection of photos from the night, and so for the layout aspect of things, I ensured that I left white space around each image to keep the focus on the photography and included minimal text/titles etc.

the final image displayed in the publication is of course our submitted photo to Dazed and Confused magazine, which the entire content of the publication leads up to

ending on the back page to tie in an aspect of the typography we used in the basement, and also summing up the attitude that surrounds youth culture today

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