Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dazed and Confused//starting point

Lisa and I thought it would be a good idea to spend a day walking around Leeds with our cameras, discussing potential ideas for the final shoot, taking some practice shots, taking down notes and collecting any useful research along the way. Seeing as this was just the starting point, we found it useful to get away from the computer and try and pin point how we can capture contemporary youth in one image. 

We started off at the skate park. An area in Hyde Park that displays the skate culture of today in terms of clothes, style, environment (graffiti, skate ramps, industrial...) as well as demonstrating what some young people do in their spare time. I took a few test shots to try and capture this and make a start on the photography aspect of this brief. 

Overall, we want a large selection and range of photos between the two of us, at the end of this brief, so that we can eventually use them to formulate a visual journal publication, showing the progression of our ideas.

We quickly realised that we had too many ideas and there were too many routes we could go down with this brief and this needed closing down. We spent some time discussing and brainstorming over a coffee and came to the conclusion that we would be best off setting up and staging our own shoot in order to get the result we want. 

The initial stage is to decide on a location/venue for the final shoot, looking into abandoned, urban spaces, reflective of the underground 'basement party' culture within todays youth. I took a few photos of examples of these I saw around Leeds.

However, we quickly decided that this would be too complicated to instigate, and we would need a place where we have access to power/electricity and somewhere preferably legal. 

This led us to deciding on Lisa's basement for our location, which couldn't be more perfect. The basement contains five different sized rooms, with access to power and lots of space to set up a photo shoot.

photo of the main basement room, to be used for the photo shoot

Having found the range of different themes and routes we could go down with this brief quite overwhelming, we narrowed it down and decided to focus on music seeing as it is a big part of all youth culture through the decades and influences fashion, trends and what young people do in their spare time/socially. We feel that by going down the music route, we can capture the essence of the youth of today by using this as our initial point. Where better to see the youth of today in their element, than on a night out?

Set-up our own event, a basement party for all our friends, showing the range of styles, stereotypes, fashion trends and most importantly the party culture of today. 
We will treat it as if it is a real party, setting up a Facebook event, getting a sound system set-up with our own dj as well as stylising each persons outfit/costume and make-up and dressing the overall interior of the basement appropriately. 
Ensuring that everyone is in their element, we want to set up the photo shoot during the party, capturing a semi-staged yet realistic perspective of the nightlife culture of today's youth- how they dress, dance, act, look, interact with each other etc.

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