Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dazed & Confused//basement photography

During the course of the photo shoot, my main priorities and responsibilities were to set-up the space, organise everyone according to their roles and capture footage and time lapse stills from the two GoPro cameras that were being used that night.

I ended up with over a thousand stills from the duration of the photo shoot just from the GoPro cameras, and so I've chosen to display the more successful images in 
contact sheets.

From 900 time lapse stills taken of the setting up of the basement space, I reduced it down by 50% to be used in the final video edit of the photo shoot/basement night:

Although it's quite hard to tell from the contact sheets, the time lapse was really successful and throughout the series of images, variations in lighting, colour, movement, equipment and people in and out of the space, interacting with everything and helping out, it created an effective visual representation of the how everything went on the night of the photo shoot.

Having never used a GoPro before, I was unsure as to how the photos and footage would turn out knowing that they're not great in low-lighting etc., but I was pleasantly surprised. Especially with some of the photography of the lighting- at one point during the photo shoot I had the camera on a head strap on my head taking photos every ten seconds and this produced some interesting results...

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