Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dazed & Confused//publication thumbnails

Having researched into different styles and designs when it comes to photography publications, I noticed that the key recurring aspect of most of my findings was how the layout was usually quite simple, utilising white space to allow for the content to pop out and a using a variety of different ways of presenting photos throughout.

I drew up thumbnails of the key double page spreads that would be included into the supplement publication, before moving onto InDesign. 

Make-up dps:
this will contain specifically, the make-up used throughout the test shoot, which was basically a lot of gold glitter, to represent the festival and nightlife culture 
at the moment.

This dps will feature aspects of the symbolism we used throughout the photo shoot and integrated into the invitation designs, showcasing how it became included into the photography as well.

For some of the set-up shots of the basement, we want to feature a page of mini thumbnail photographs as a series, taken from the stop motion off the Go Pro camera we used on the night.

This is the basic layout for our contributors page which will contain black and white photos of each person who contributed and collaborated towards this brief.

The publication needs to divided somehow, seeing as there is also a contrast in style and themes between the test shoot and the basement photo shoot. So I'm going to include two dps dividers showing 'phase #1' and 'phase #2' and including a short summary of what happened for each phase.

Publication Roles:

- layout and InDesign
- sending off to print
- double page spread designs

- photography and editing
- re-sizing of images and preparing for Indesign
- double page spread designs

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