Monday, 4 March 2013

Dazed & Confused//survey and results

I conducted a short survey as part of my primary research for this brief, posting the link out to my friends on Facebook to get an idea of how other young people view our generation, what they find significant and how music influences their tastes.

Survey Questions:

1. Write one word that sums up todays generation

2. What's your favourite genre of music?

3. What daily accessory could you not live without? Something that defines you and your style as an individual

4. What words would you use to describe your style?

5. Where do you regularly go to socialise? Choose one.
pub/park/skate park/friends house/cafe/restaurant/sports club/sporting event/house party/night club/beach

6. What are your favourite hobbies/past times?

7. Does your taste in music influence your fashion sense?

8. If you could re-live one experience over the past two years, what would it be?


1.degeneration - internet - people pleasers - creative - selfish - naive - scum - idiots - excessive - individuality - lazy - hipster - lazy - anxious - materialistic - misunderstood

2. jazz - indie - all - house - indie - tech house - black - indie - alternative - jazz - rock - indie - indie - reggae - electronic - rock - hip hop - hip hop

3. pen and paper - leather jacket - phone - hair product - my hair - headphones - roach - pearl vintage style necklace - earrings - a statement backpack - rings - beanie hat - laptop - nothing - headphones - watch

4. second-hand - monochrome, simple - bit shit - smart casual - hangover chic - fly - space bandito - individual - smart casual, preppy, clean, sharp - quite simple with a few statement accessories - casual - scruffy, lots of pattern clashing - laid back - smart but somehow extremely scruffy - urban, street, hip hop, vintage - casual, comfortable, lazy, street wear, disorganised, messy, trainers

5. most popular - pub: 28.6%   friends house: 28.6%

6. reading writing film photography music - reading (fiction, essays and poetry), watching tv - painting photography fashion shopping running walking dog - watching films, drinking, spending time with friends, going out - mixing music, movies, business, snow - playing pokemon and reading batman - watching bands, reading - theatre, partying, listening to music, cinema, watching rugby - going to the gym, swimming, shopping, the usual things - listen to music, watch tv, watch films, dining with friends, cooking, baking, shopping, reading magazines, travelling, galleries, catching up with friends - partyin :) reading, doodling, cycling, dancing - mountain biking, gym, squash - games, TV, drinking - listening to music, socialising with friends, drawing, always active and being creative - exercise, music, art, socialising, gigs...

7. most popular - sometimes: 46.7%

8. September's Meteor Shower - last summer - I do not wish to live in the past - Hideout Festival in Croatia - Second year of University - Every Festival I've been too in the last two years - when my cats were really small - sitting with my nana listening to her tales of woe - Bestival.... and I will in sept WOOOHAAA - First year at university - Festival at the O2 in London - festival season 2012 ... beatherder fest! - Flying Lotus at Warehouse Project - Berlin trip - going abroad and visiting my family relatives - Summer '12

Summarised Points:
  • When describing our generation in one word, 'lazy' was one response that came up a few times along with references to technology/internet and people being 'materialistic' and 'excessive'. In many ways though, the majority of responses tie in with our dependency on technology, the internet etc. and the fact that we now live in a digital age, which seems quite a prominent aspect of youth culture today.
  • In terms of popular music genres, indie was mentioned the most but then there was still a range of genres in the results, from hip-hop to jazz to house which just goes to show the range in peoples tastes in music. This makes it hard to pinpoint one style of music that sums us up today, so maybe the focus should be more on how everyones tastes are different, and there is more variety to music these days.
  • Again, when people are describing their fashion/style in the survey, the results ranged quite significantly, showing the different styles and tastes that exist today amongst the younger generation. There seems to be the need for individuality and standing out against the crowd.
  • Popular hobbies amongst the results, are music-related such as going to gigs, listening to music, going out/partying and mixing tunes. This is reassuring to see, as Lisa and I are wanting to go down the music route anyway, as the survey results have shown, tastes in music has a strong influence on other aspects of youth culture such as fashion, tastes, style, where you go on a night out and where you socialise.
  • For the last question of the survey, it's interesting to see how many people mentioned festivals and the summer as moments they would re-live in the previous two years. I think the whole festival theme is really relevant for todays youth culture, and the 'festival fashion' that goes alongside it, found in retailers such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters. I love the idea of focussing on a more festival-style route, it shows our generation in their true colours, allowing people to express themselves through fashion, fancy-dress, music, dancing and getting smashed!

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