Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dazed & Confused//test shoot photos

Photo Shoot- test

Overall, Lisa and I took a lot of photos between us during the day of the test shoot with the girls, so I have selected a few from the range where I have experimented with editing in different styles and where I think the photos capture youth culture in a festival environment, in a natural and playful way.

For these two photos, I used a filter to create this effect, which gives of layers and repetitions of different aspects of the image producing an almost trippy result.

I love how these two photos capture a really happy, natural moment, and playing music through speakers in our garden definitely helped to give across that festival/music vibe allowing for our models to act naturally in the situation.

Black and white portraits:
to vary the shots a bit and to create more of a focus on one particular person, capturing more personality and individuality

the bohemian influences in some of these photos are inspired by the current fashion trends that are inspired by festivals, found and popularised by the likes of Topshop, Asos and Urban Outfitters.

Having seen the photos taken from Secret Garden Party festival with the coloured paint fights, I though this would be a fun idea to incorporate into some of my own photos, to see the kind of photographs I could get with the coloured powdery clouds and the facial expressions of the girls as they engage in covering each other with colour.

What worked with these photos here was the movement shown in the arm gestures as the fight was going on, whilst the purple and green powder contrasted strongly against the dullness of the environment and plain clothes of the models.

This photo shows the after effects of the paint fight and the contrasts between each facial expression in the shot, which says a lot about the whole experience and how it differed for each person.

Layered Experimentation

I had a play around with layering up certain images together to combine different emotions, effects and compositions, and found some of these to be 
particularly successful.

I wanted to combine two very contrasting images, so here I've used more of a staged portrait shot, super imposed over an action shot from the paint fight

At the end of the shoot, I photographed each of the girls individually in a set-up portrait, using a wooden frame for a prop, to give something the models could interact with as well as physically framing their faces. This also allowed for some consistency in the photos to create a series.

I layered each portrait shot, over a natural image taken from the test shoot, showing the contrast between how we view the person on the outside and how they are acting naturally, in a happy, festival-like environment with their friends.

This is the contact sheet displaying the selection of the photos I edited from the 
test shoot:

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