Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Concept Crit//boards and feedback

For the finalised concept crit today, I presented a fully written out concept and idea for the brief and two presentation boards illustrating my concept and giving an idea of the visuals I want to incorporate.

create a pop-up exhibition to encourage the use of analogue photography in a digital age in the form of Polaroids, to be held as an event in Urban Outfitters stores (UO sell Polaroid and other photography products...)

the exhibition will be built and driven by the people who attend and interact with it, through the use of a Polaroid branded photo-booth located near the changing rooms where people can take instant snaps of their outfits and upload them to a digital, online gallery linked with the Urban Outfitters and Polaroid site

I included some visuals on a board to present in the crit in order to give a better idea of what I want to do with the pop-up exhibition and the products I want to make

In terms of the way-finding and interior of the exhibition/photo booth, the retro Polaroid packaging has been a big part of my initial research and would create interesting visuals for this, celebrating the history of Polaroid design and its unique identity.

- proposing an exhibition wouldn't result in much of the way of physical final products and more mock-ups, which isn't what the brief is asking for, there needs to be a bigger body of work for the final product range

- instead of creating digital mock-ups of the exhibition space, create an actual scaled down model of how it will all look, including the way-finding also

- photographs of this mock-up could be integrated into the promotional material, showing people a step-by-step guide on the exhibition and how to interact with it, could create the visuals itself, closely related to the Urban Outfitters design and promo style

- way-finding with the Polaroid branding graphics idea works really well, could even create full scale examples of the graphics on a wall and use as a back-drop to take own polaroids, to be used as examples for the mocked up website etc.

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