Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Concept Crit//x3 concepts

For the crit today, we had to come up with three different potential concepts for the brief What is Good on Polaroid photography.


A pop-up exhibition in Urban Outfitters, who stock Polaroid and other photography products, setting up a space where people can take polaroids of themselves, located near the changing rooms so people photography each other in Urban Outfitters clothes. The hard-copy Polaroids will be digitally uploaded to a website displaying an online gallery for all the different pop-up exhibitions around the UK

the idea of a Polaroid photograph being INSTANT.
make a video, promoting the use of analogue photography, showcasing all things 'instant' in short clips in succession ending with someone taking a polaroid

campaign encouraging people to engage with Polaroid photography
campaign posters in places where things are not instant
e.g. bus stops, doctors surgeries...
something interactive possibly? such as a QR code leading to a Polaroid app, something instant to do while waiting

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