Monday, 29 April 2013

Exhibition Model//design development

I had all the foam board wall parts of the exhibition model laser-cut to ensure they would be exactly the right measurements and for a neat finish instead of trying to 
cut by hand.

I printed the interior and visuals of the exhibition on clear and white vinyl for a smooth, neat finish to the model.

laying out and sticking the vinyls onto the co-ordinating pieces of foam board


To construct the model and assemble all the pieces, I used dress-making pins to slot all the walls in place and reduce any mess that may be caused by using glue, and this seemed to work effectively and securely overall.

I've taken a range of photos to show the model of the pop-up exhibition from different perspectives and viewpoints, showing all the aspects and features displayed. These photos also gave me an idea of the kind of angle and style that could the work the best for when used in the promotional material for the exhibition.

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