Monday, 29 April 2013

Exhibition Model//photography experimentation

As I would be including photographs of the model into the promotional material designs (flyers and poster) I tested out some different photography experiments using a range of cameras, photography apps and effects to see what kind of style and angle would be 
most appropriate.

This series of photos here have been taken using three different filters on Instagram.
I used Instagram primarily due to the link between Polaroid and Instagram- the Instagram Polaroid camera. 

Also as Urban Outfitters are predominantly a contemporary fashion retailer, Instagram relates to this idea of 'contemporary' in terms of photography.

This filter (used on the first three photographs) allows for the bold, bright rainbow colours of the Polaroid branding to really pop-out and contrast against the black and white colour scheme of the rest of the exhibition. 

This filter here creates a more sepia, warmer effect creating hazy tones which soften the harshness of the model shape whilst adding emphasis on the light and shadow in 
each image.

The third and final Instagram effect that I tested out again softens the harsh edges in the composition and highlights the light and shadow to create more depth and texture to each photograph.

I also bought the Polamatic app on my phone which allows you to take photos in the style of a Polaroid, using different styles of frames and filters to create different 
Polaroid styles. 

In terms of the composition and perspective of this particular image, this gives a good feel for how the exhibition will appear and be laid out, whilst the masking tape addition on the frame adds a bit of authenticity to the Polaroid style image.

I also quite like this angular style of photography with the model presented on a slant for an alternative perspective of the exhibition.

Seeing as I own a Polaroid camera, I tested out some of my own Polaroid photography to see the difference in tone and style, and add to the range of cameras and effects used in order to get the best resolution for my promo material.

Unfortunately, my last pack of film was severely out of date, and even though most of the time that can mean the polaroids come out with some interesting and unexpected effects, this film didn't develop properly and so woud be unusable for any of the final product range.

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