Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Exhibition Poster//design development

I want the main visual feature of the poster design to reflect the 'spot' or cyclical nature of the exhibition (and it's title)

I was keen to experiment with paper-craft and die-cutting
creating a poster without the use of printers or ink

I want to keep the text minimal with the title bold to stand out and catch the audiences attention in order for them to read further into the details of the exhibition

I had quite a limited colour range but wanted to keep the colour scheme appealing to both sexes and striking/contrasting in order to be eye-catching

chosen colour scheme

preparing the files for the laser-cutter
I had to re-size the poster down from A2 slightly to ensure that all the laser-cut pieces fit together perfectly, avoiding any alignment errors when using the laser cutter

final digital mock-up of the poster

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