Friday, 5 April 2013

Penguin Books//book cover development

I used my sketch as the basis for my illustration, and traced over it

I liked the style of Saul Bass's illustrations and thought it would be appropriate for the gun, giving it a hand drawn feel and simplifying the image

I experimented with a red, black and white colour scheme to reflect the crime based content, however this seemed too generic and similar to Saul Bass's style, and the brief stated to create a design that stood out

I then experimented with alternative colours to reflect further aspects in the novel, such as the humid, jungle-like greenhouse containing all the orchids. The greenhouse is a symbol for the whole of the novel:

 it is a small-scale version of the rain- ridden Los Angeles and its many thieves cloying around the General and Marlowe like the vines in a jungle."

I wanted the typeface to also reflect this jungle-like feel and to fit in and adapt within the smoke shape, creating almost a pattern or detail to the illustration in the process

Following the mandatory requirements in the brief, I included the additional bits of text to the cover design, keeping to a serif font to reflect the age of the novel (1930's)

With the design all in place, I think the overall effect is too girly with the inclusion of the pink whilst the orchid shape looks rather inappropriate, to rectify this, I altered the colours slightly...

Taking a purple shade from an image of an orchid, I applied this to the cover and was pleased with the final result

Final Cover Design:

Front Cover:

Back Cover and Spine:

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