Thursday, 25 April 2013

Polaroid Photography//schedule and plan

Things To Do


- promotional material in the form of flyer/leaflet/poster...
- model of exhibition
- a website mock-up
- my own Polaroid examples (for website)
- vinyls/graphics (full sized) for back-drop/interior


- design sheets, sketches, ideas for all products
- any additional/relevant research
- laser-cut files for model parts, vinyls and props
- miniature vinyls for model interior



- design sheet, brainstorm of ideas for exhibition space and make a plan
- floor plan of the space
- technical/neat sketches of the space
- measured, precise scaled outlines of shapes to be used for the model
- vectors of all shapes to be laser-cut
- write a list of things to buy for finishing touches (for the model)


- book x2 laser-cutting slots for the week
- photograph and blog everything done of the weekend

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