Friday, 26 April 2013

Polaroid Pop-Up Exhibition//design ideas and development

a plan of how the exhibition would work and ideas on the visuals and aesthetics of the space, including the layout and what would need to be featured

I sketched out different variations of how the walls of the exhibition could look like, focussing on a large-scale Polaroid camera illustration to interact with the exit/entrance and create more of an excitement for the users whilst incorporating the way-finding nicely into the design.

this idea would involve a kind of gangway or plank 
in the style/shape of a polaroid

or the entrance itself to involve the person walking 
through a Polaroid photograph

The final design and layout of the exhibition including what would be featured on each of the walls. I didn't want to use a completely enclosed space as originally thought, due to the nature of the exhibition, the pop-up aspect should be reflected in the layout and look less permanent. I also thought through how each person would interact, using the way-finding to guide people through a one-way system, getting their photo taken first and then viewing the exhibited photos as they continue through. Using overlapping walls to block off different parts of the exhibition so that the person would see it in stages as opposed to everything all at once in an open-plan space.

the front facing wall will be a large scale title of the exhibition with a sub-heading explaining that the exhibition is built and developed by the people

the side-facing wall or exit will be a giant illustration of a camera with steps leading down and out of the exhibition where people can also have their photo taken

the interior will simply contain the exhibited polaroid photos and giant vinyls for people to take pictures in front of, reminiscent of the 60's style Polaroid packaging and branding

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