Thursday, 16 May 2013

Website//design development


The website is to be featured on all the promo material and will be an extension off the Urban Outfitters official site. It will give users a chance to find out details about the exhibition and also see their own Polaroids taken in store, up on the online gallery.

For the homepage, I used the same visuals used in the exhibition entrance as a way of containing the navigation so that it would have a functional purpose as well as maintaining visual consistency with the exhibition interior.

I spent a while testing out different fonts and layouts (used previously in the other product designs) until the composition was clearer for the user, deciding on minimal use of fonts for ease of usability.

the buttons have been integrated into the key visual aspect of the homepage, also giving each page a colour code which could be incorporated into the designs

To give the user more of a hint about what each page will contain, I layered relevant photos/images underneath each of the four diamonds used for buttons

the blog page will lead directly to the Urban Outfitters blog section about the 
Polaroid exhibition

This is homepage layout I decided on, keeping the colour scheme black and white with the inclusion of the colours in the Polaroid logo to link with the exhibition design, using News Gothic light as the predominant typeface throughout to emphasise that the website is for Polaroid and separate to Urban Outfitters

For the about page, I wanted to include more detailed information about the nature of the exhibition and when/where it will take place

keeping the diamond icon recurring throughout each different page

for the gallery page, this will be the section where people can find Polaroids of themselves and their friends, taken in the shop, with two separate links directing off the main gallery page, depending on whether the user wants to view the photos from the Leeds or the London exhibition.

How the final website design would appear across a range of different products.

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